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5 More Things Your Wedding Planner Wishes You Knew

Wedding season is getting into full swing in Southern California, so here are some more tips to use when planning yours!

  • No need to know exactly what you want or have a “vision” in mind

When meeting with a wedding planner, you don’t need to have 30 Pinterest boards dedicated to your wedding with ideas for every detail, or even know what your “style” is. We are there to help you figure those things out. The more time there is before the wedding, the more time there is to figure out what you like and don’t like, and make sure that every detail comes together to make the perfect wedding day.


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  • Get a “Day Of” coordinator even if you planned the whole thing

While “beautiful”, “joyous”, and “wonderful” should all be words to describe your wedding day, “stressful” or “crazy” should not. Even if you planned the entire day to a tee, hire a wedding coordinator for the day of the wedding. Having someone whose entire goal that day is to make sure everything runs smoothly, and every detail is in place will take a huge load of stress off of the shoulders of family, friends, and the happy couple. The coordinator will work with the vendors, venue, wedding party, and everything in between so you can relax, and enjoy the day dedicated to celebrating your love. You can’t put a price on peace of mind; so hiring a coordinator is worth every penny.


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  • Read vendor contracts thoroughly

When meeting with a vendor to determine a contract, make very sure that you know exactly what you want them to do, and what you are paying for. If you and the vendor agree on something, get it in writing, in the contract. At the end of the day, no vendor is obligated to perform any task that is not included in his or her contract. When discussing the terms of the contract, there is some room for negotiating, but keep it to a minimum. Don’t be surprised if they don’t agree to something other than their normal rates or contracts. No one haggles the price of food at the grocery store, or a dress at Nordstrom, so don’t be overzealous when negotiating with a vendor.


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  • Keep it real when considering DIY

“Doing it yourself” can be a great way to keep costs low when planning a wedding. The internet is full of “How to” posts and videos that will teach you how to make your own place cards, put together save the dates and invitations, and even creating your own centerpieces. Having a special night or weekend dedicated to these tasks can serve as a fun, productive way to bond with your bridesmaids, or future spouse. However, when planning which aspects of the wedding you are going to take care of yourself, it is imperative you remain realistic. Keep in mind how much time you have before the wedding, how much help you will have in accomplishing the DIY tasks, and how much of a perfectionist you are. Make sure the time you spend making the items is worth the money you save having a professional make them for you. If something goes wrong, it will be more expensive to rush order flowers, invitations, or place cards than it would have been to get them professionally done in the first place.


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  • Every future spouse has a different interest level regarding wedding planning

Typically, the bride is much more involved in the wedding planning than the groom, but this is not always the case. Don’t freak out if your man doesn’t seem super interested in the flowers you choose for the centerpieces, or if they’re all he can talk about for a week. In our experience, the average groom is mostly interested in helping pick out the caterer, the cake, and the DJ. Regardless of their eagerness to plan every last detail, remember that this will be your future spouse’s wedding day as well, and their opinion should be taken into consideration when making decisions. After all, the day is all about celebrating your love for each other; don’t forget about your other half in the planning process.


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We hope these tips help, and don’t forget to visit!


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