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Give Thanks and Give Crafting a Try

T-3 days until Thanksgiving! Still looking for easy low cost ideas for decorating? Create Events has got you covered!

Any seasoned Thanksgiving host knows that a beautifully decorated home is as warm and welcoming as delicious Thanksgiving food! Here are some decoration ideas we love:

Apple Candles
These easy candles look like they came straight out of a Williams Sonoma catalog, but can be made at home in 3 easy steps!

All you need:

6 apples, the rounder the better

1 sharp slicing knife

6 small tea candles

  1. Pull the stem out of each of the apple, and trace the outline of the candle around the hole where the stem was.
  2. Cut out the circle you traced, and make sure to cut deep enough that the candle fits in the apple and doesn’t just sit on top of it
  3. Light the candles and enjoy your homemade decoration!

*idea and image from via


Decorative Pumpkins

Put to use all of the tiny pumpkins left over from Halloween! These little gourds last a while so you can keep them out through Christmas to really get your money’s worth.

All you need:

As many small pumpkins as you would like

Gold metallic spray paint

Spray paint in any other color you want (we suggest silver, white, and cream)

Shellac spray

Modge Podge

Glitter (optional)

Stencils (optional)

Gilded/Painted Pumpkins

  1. Spray paint the pumpkins any color you like
  2. Let dry and enjoy!


Glitter Pumpkins

  1. Paint the part of the pumpkin you want glittered with modge podge
  2. Apply glitter onto wet modge podge
  3. Spray with shellac spray after the modge podge has dried so the glitter doesn’t budge



  1. Apply stencil to pumpkin
  2. Spray paint the whole pumpkin
  3. Peel off the stencil

*ideas and images from, via

Tree of Thanks

This can be either a perfect centerpiece, or decoration to a bar or side table, its interactive aspect will ensure that guests remember it for years to come!

All you need:

1 Mason Jar

1 festive ribbon

1 gift tag for each guest

Several twigs of various sizes that branch off in multiple directions

-available at most craft stores, and depending on where you live, outside!

  1. Arrange the twigs in the Mason Jar
  2. Tie the ribbon around the Mason jar for a festive touch
  3. Give each guest a gift tag for them to write what they are thankful for on the tag, and hang it on the tree
  4. Be thankful for what you have and enjoy the company of your guests!

*idea and image from via


Flaming Foliage Candleholders

These beautiful candleholders perfectly capture the warmth of the holiday season, and can be made in a matter of minutes!

All you need:

Spray adhesive

Dried leaves in a variety of colors

Glass 3 ½” x 6” candleholders


  1. Apply spray adhesive to the backs of the dried leaves
  2. Wrap the leaves around the candleholder, letting the end each of leaf hang slightly past the bottom of the candleholder
  3. Cut off the ends of the leaves that are hanging off the bottom of the candleholder

*image and idea from via



The focal point of all Thanksgiving celebrations is the table. It brings everyone together, and is full of delicious food! The table is the center point of the day, so why not make it the center point of decoration? Just don’t forget to leave room for the food!


No home is ready for holiday guests without flowers! They add life and color to any appetizer table, dessert table, or even a kitchen counter.

Lemons and Blooms

This floral arrangement is typically made with lemons, but if you want to make it more seasonal for the holidays, try adding oranges instead!

All you need:

One pitcher

One vase

3 lemons or oranges

Enough flowers to fill the vase

  1. Slice the lemons or oranges into round slices, cut enough to fill the edges of the pitcher
  2. Place vase into the pitcher, and pour water into the pitcher and into the vase
  3. Add the flowers into the vase, and place where it can be enjoyed!

*idea and image from via


Pumpkin Floral Spread

This beautiful arrangement makes great use of flatter pumpkins that aren’t the best for carving.

All you need:

1 relatively large, flat pumpkin, preferably with a tallish stem

Small bud vases

Greening picks

Hockey puck shaped piece of foam with a radius of roughly 4”


Small pumpkins and gourds

Whatever blooms and green fillers you like

*Chinese lanterns, bittersweet branches, mums, alstroemeria, and spray roses recommended

  1. Fill the smaller bud vases with a variety of greenery and blooms, then set aside
  2. Pierce the piece of foam with the large pumpkin’s stem (if the pumpkin has no stem, just tape the foam to where it would be)
  3. Place greens around the foam and keep them in place by tucking them under the foam so they are between the foam and the pumpkin. For best results, have the greens cascade down the side of the pumpkin
  4. Add enough flowers to cover the piece of foam, keeping them in place by tucking the stems under the foam, or using the greening picks to stick through the stem of the flower into the pumpkin. If you want to stick a gourd on the main pumpkin, use a greening pick
  5. Place the pumpkin as a centerpiece on the table, and arrange the bud vases on either side to achieve the fullness you desire

*idea and images from via




If you’re looking for a centerpiece that isn’t necessarily holiday themed, try making either of these; one dramatic and colorful, the other simple and elegant.

Doily Runner

This runner is easy to make, with just two supplies needed!

All you need:

As many doilies as you would like, in various sizes, available at most craft stores

White thread

  1. Lay out the larger doilies where you would like them in the design
  2. Fill in the extra space with the smaller doilies, layering them to minimize blank space
  3. Tie the doilies together where they overlap with white thread so you can change the design in the future, or, if you want to keep your design permanently, you can hot glue the doilies together. Make sure the runner is about 6” longer on each side than your table, but not longer than the tablecloth.

*idea and image from, via


Paper Pinwheel Runner

This dramatic runner will make an impression on your guests, and is fun to make!

All you need:

8 ½” x 11” pieces of paper in whatever color scheme you like


Hot glue gun


Double-sided tape

Hole puncher (optional)

  1. Fold the pieces of paper like an accordion, with the folds on the side that is 8 ½”
  2. To make a medium sized pinwheel, cut the paper in half lengthwise once you are done folding. You will need 4 halves to make one pinwheel
  3. To make the pinwheel neater, curve one of the ends if desired, also consider hole punching each of the folds
  4. Using double-sided tape, tape each of the ends of the halves together to make a full circle
  5. To help the pinwheels keep their shape, cut out a circle of cardstock, and hot glue it to the back of the pinwheel
  6. Repeat to make as many pinwheels as you like
  7. Once you have your desired amount of pinwheels in various sizes, arrange the design you want
  8. Hot glue the pinwheels together where they overlap to make sure the centerpiece stays together

*idea and image from, via


Place Cards

Whether your seating chart is made months in advance, or if you draw it Thursday morning, place cards are a personal touch that makes each guest feel welcome if it is their first Thanksgiving in your home, or their fiftieth.

Rosemary Wreath Place Cards

These are one of the simplest place cards to make, and one of the most festive!

All you need:

1 sprig of rosemary for every guest

1 4” piece of twine for every guest

A card with each guests name

-printing these on cardstock paper looks professional and saves time trying to write several names neatly

  1. Tie each piece of rosemary into a circle, securing with the twine
  2. Cut out each name
  3. Tape each name card to the rosemary using transparent tape or glue the cards using liquid glue that dries transparently

*idea and image from via


Fall Leaf Name Cards

If you thought the last name cards were easy and cost-effective, you will love these!

All you need:

1 medium sized leaf (about the size of a child’s hand) for each guest

-fake leaves are available at most craft stores, or depending on where you live, pick up fallen leaves from your yard for an authentic touch

1 sharpie or fine point permanent marker

  1. Gently clean the leaves if they are from the outdoors
  2. Once they dry, write the name of each guest on a leaf
  3. Arrange on the table how you like and enjoy!

*image and idea via


Kids Activities

Thanksgiving has always been a family-oriented holiday so don’t forget the kids! Being surrounded by adults who are busy catching up and having football on the TV can make for a dull day only highlighted by great food. If you are hosting, entertain your littlest guests with these great crafts!

Paint a burlap runner

If you still need a runner and your guests are arriving with ample time before eating, have the kids make it! All you need is a piece of burlap 12”-18” wide, and fall colored acrylic paint. The kids will have a great time hanging out and being creative, and will love to see their masterpiece on the table at mealtime!

*idea from via

Make a pear turkey

This cute (and delicious!) craft needs minimal supplies, and is appropriate for all ages. Give each child 1 pear, 1 large maple leaf (or any fairly large leaf available), construction paper, markers and glue or tape. Tape or glue the stem of the leaf to the pear so the fan of the leaf is behind the pear like a turkey’s plume. Then decorate the pear to make it look like a turkey however you like!

*idea and image from via


Happy Thanksgiving from Create Events!


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