Hello Halloween!

Now that summer has come to a close, it is time to gear up and get ready for the next big social event of the year, Halloween! We scoured the Internet and found some of the best ideas so you can throw the most fabulously frightening and ghoulishly great Halloween party.


Halloween is one of the best times of the year to get creative with your cocktails with so many great ideas out there, here are three of our favorites:

Black Devil Martini

2 oz dark rum

½ oz dry vermouth

black olives

orange sugar for the rim

stir the rum and vermouth, then pour into a chilled martini glass that has been rimmed with orange sugar, and garnish with black olives


Bloody Brain Shooter

1.25 oz of strawberry vodka

1/8 oz of lime juice

¾ oz of Bailey’s Irish Crème

splash of grenadine

Chill the vodka, then combine vodka and lime juice into a shaker, shake, and then strain into a shot glass. Dip a straw into the Bailey’s, put your finger over the tip of the straw, and then pull the straw out. Put the straw in the shot glass, and slowly release your finger from the top of the straw. The Bailey’s should curdle into a clumped strand. Add more Bailey’s until it forms the shape of a brain, then add a splash of grenadine to the mix to give it the bloody appearance.


Black Magic Cocktail

¼ cup ice

½ cup orange juice

1.5 oz black vodka

½ oz triple sec

1 orange wedge for garnish

Combine the ice, orange juice, and triple sec into a cocktail shaker, shake, and strain into a glass. Using the back of a spoon, slowly pour the black vodka over the back of the spoon so it sits atop the orange juice and triple sec. Dip one edge of the orange into the black vodka, then wedge onto the edge of the glass.


All pictures and recipes found at hgtv.com


Everyone’s childhood sweet tooth comes out during Halloween, so make sure you satisfy your guests with these tasty treats!

Nutella and Banana Mummies


1 sheet of Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheets

2 bananas

6 tbsp Nutella

Roll out a sheet of Crescent Dough and cut it into 6 squares, each one roughly 3.5” x 4”. Draw 3 faint lines with a toothpick to measure the square into thirds, leaving the middle third intact, use a knife to slice the outer two thirds in a fringe pattern. Cut each banana into 3 pieces, each piece a little shorter than the square of dough. Put a healthy dollop of Nutella on the middle third of dough, and place the banana on top. Wrap the fringed edges of dough around the banana, leaving a little room near the top where a mummy’s face would poke out. Bake mummies according to the Crescent Dough package until they are golden brown. Once they have cooled, apply candy eyes and enjoy your mummy!


*recipe and picture from ourbestbites.com

Deviled Egg Eyeballs


6 Deviled Eggs

3 Black Olives

6 Capers

1 bottle red food coloring

These tasty spooky treats are a breeze to make! Just prepare regular deviled eggs, and add a slice of black olive and a caper on top of the yoke, and streak with red food coloring!


Photo and recipe found at Buzzfeed.com

Pumpkin Cheese Balls


8 oz softened cream cheese

¼ cup finely chopped roasted red peppers

½ teaspoon garlic powder

1 pinch Cayenne pepper

1 cup finely grated sharp cheddar cheese

Paprika for dusting

2 whole green onions

Beat cream cheese, cayenne, red pepper and garlic until well blended. Stir in cheddar cheese, then refrigerate for two hours.

Roll into one inch balls then coat with paprika. Use a knife to slice into a pumpkin shape. Cut green parts of the onion into one inch sections, then stick onto the top of each ball as a stem. Refrigerate until serving.


Picture from buzzfeed.com, recipe from thegirlsofgourmetcooking.blogspot.com


No house is ready for a Halloween party without decorations! These charming details will be a hit with ghouls and guests alike!

Candy Corn Centerpiece

You will need:

Vases of various sizes

Yellow, orange, and white spray paint

Orange ribbon

Spray the vases with a double base coat of white spray paint. This works best when the first coat is left to dry, then do the second coat. Once the white paint is dry, spray the middle of the bottle with one coat of orange paint. Don’t section off the areas you want yellow and orange because it will prevent the ombrè effect of the colors fading into each other. When the first coat of orange paint has dried, apply another coat. Once both orange paint coats have dried, apply two coats of yellow paint to the bottom of the vase. Let the paint dry, and tie orange ribbon around the neck of the vase as desired.


Instructions found at swelldesigner.blogspot.com, photo from buzzfeed.com

Tin Can Luminaries

You will need:

1 large tin can, such as a coffee can

1 nail

1 hammer

1 sharpie

1 can of spray paint or acrylic paint

1 candle

Clean your tin can, fill it with water, and put it in the freezer for as long as it takes the water to freeze completely. When frozen, remove from the freezer and place on a towel. Use sharpie to outline the design you want (simpler designs and words are usually easiest). Use the hammer and nail to puncture the design into the can. Once your design is finished, run hot water over the can to melt the ice. When the ice is completely removed from the can, paint the entire outside of the can the color of your choice. Once the paint has dried, put a candle in the can and enjoy!


Picture and instructions from jollymom.com


You will need:

Corrugated cardboard

Orange Tissue Paper

Pencils or Markers

Crafting Knife

Glue Stick



Choose which window you want to use for your House-O-Lantern, and cut the cardboard to fit accordingly. Draw a face on the cardboard and cut it into the cardboard with the crafting knife. Glue the orange tissue paper behind the cut outs, and tape the cardboard into the window. Place a lamp behind the cardboard and watch your house become a jack-o-lantern!


Picture and instructions from spoonful.com

We hope these tricks has gotten everyone into the spirit, and that all our readers have a safe and fun Halloween! Next time you want to throw a great bash, first head to createeventssd.com for all your event planning needs!


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