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2015 Wedding Trends

In many places around the country, wedding season is wrapping up. Fortunately, in beautiful Southern California the weather is typically pleasant enough to get married outside all year! In honor of the 2014 wedding season coming to a close, and excitedly looking forward to the 2015 season, here is a forecast of some of 2015’s hottest wedding trends.


one of the most important aspects of a wedding to any bride is her dress, some noted trends at Bridal Fashion Week which took place earlier this month in New York City were:

  • off the shoulder necklines- a perfect style to compliment a statement necklace!
  • accent colors of blue, gray and green- a step away from the traditional accent colors of blush, cream and pastels
  • tulle skirts- add beautiful volume without weighing down the dress
  • capes- don’t like the look of a veil but want something around your shoulders? Try a cape!
  • collars- if necklaces aren’t your style, but you still want your wedding day look to be unique, you can’t go wrong with a vintage lace collar
  • 1930’s glam- sleek, slim, and sparkly!
  • beach chic- crop tops are huge this year, and are making their way into weddings with the two piece dress! It gives the look a relaxed, beachy vibe while remaining elegant and beautiful

*All dress pictures from


Flowers are a huge part of every wedding’s decor, and most wedding budgets. Some trends likely to continue into the 2015 season are:

  • High flower content- much more blooms rather than foliage, and minimal visible stems. This look has been inspired by many celebrity weddings, such as that of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West which took place this May. Some flowers with large blooms that can help achieve this look is hydrangeas, hyacinth, and orchids.7-of-the-hottest-wedding-flower-trends-for-2015-sabine-luxe
  • Mixed bouquets- more and more brides are going for the “just picked” look for bouquets, by mixing many different types of flowers into the bride and bridesmaid bouquets. This is also a great way to incorporate many different colors.
  • Pastels and creams- many weddings use a very delicate, romantic color palette, and one way to avoid being surrounded by white on the big day is using bouquets of light pastels, neutrals, or creams.
  • Flower crowns- not just for festival goers anymore! Increasing numbers of brides are using flower crowns to add color to their wedding day look, or add some extra femininity. Consider using large blooms such as roses if looking to make a statement, or small blooms such as baby’s breath for a subtle, girly look.7-of-the-hottest-wedding-flower-trends-for-2015-Flower-Crown-by-Passion-for-Flowers-Credit-Ross-Harvey Photography

*All floral pictures from


While the theme of every wedding is obviously love and happiness, some couples choose a theme for their special day which can determine the venue, color palette, and decor.

  • beach- living in sunny Southern California, we love beach weddings! Locations for beach weddings can be tough to find for brides who don’t live near the water, but having a color palette of aqua, butter yellow and cream, and beachy decorations can make guests feel like they are overlooking the ocean, even if the wedding is in the Midwest.
  • rustic- a very popular theme in 2014 isn’t going anywhere! This adorable theme often involves twinkling lights, colorful bouquets, lace and all things country.



*beach wedding picture from, rustic wedding picture from


choosing a color palette is one of the most important decisions regarding wedding decor. A palette of black, white and gold, is going to give the big day a very different feel than a palette of light green, pale pink, and cream. Whatever colors are chosen, there are tasteful and stunning ways to incorporate them into the special day! Renowned color experts Pantone have not released the color that will follow up 2014’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, however, some of their favorite picks from Fashion Week were:

  • scuba blue
  • lucite green
  • aquamarine
  • classic blue
  • toasted almond
  • strawberry ice
  • marsala
  • glacier gray
  • tangerine
  • custard

A unique, clean, beautiful look for a color palette that is up and coming this season is dark, radiant blues paired with either matte or sparkly metallics. Other creative color combinations are:

  • shades of pink and gold
  • shades of orange and aqua
  • fuchsia, blue and white


  • shades of pink and navy
  • black, gold and white
  • shades of purple and navy



  • shades of pink and green
  • lemon, lime and cream
  • neutrals

*all color pictures from

We hope these trends for the 2015 season have inspired you, head to to make your dream event become a reality!


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