Cute DIY ideas for the budget friendly bride!

We all know planning a wedding can be stressful! Every bride wants to make sure that her day is perfect. We have found that brides today are trying hard to make their wedding unique and personal. A nice and fun way to do this is with DIY ideas that will add a little bit of your own flare of creativity to the atmosphere. These ideas are all made with super easy and convenient products. It can be fun to get together with a few bridesmaids and spend the day creating them. DIY is a huge new trend for weddings and it truly makes the wedding unique. We picked out 5 cute ideas that we found and couldn’t help but share!

1. Mason jars with pics inside!



Mason Jars have become a new favorite item for the wedding world. You can fill them with pictures, flowers, your favorite stones and beads and make them pop! Perfect to put on top of belly bars for personalized centerpieces

2. Photo Booth Guest Book!


Can’t decide on a guest book. This idea is super cute and a fun way to remember your guests and the amazing night of your wedding. This obviously goes well if you have a photo booth at your wedding but you could also use a disposable camera if your looking for the more budget friendly attempt. All you have to do is buy an empty scrapbook or any type of book and leave space for people to add their photo and message!

3. Jenga Memories


Another great way to get your guests to write you a fun message is on a jenga piece! All you have to do is buy a jenga set and some sharpies and make a cute sign. This is a super fun way to utilize your guests and later in life sit down and play a fun game of jenga with all your guests messages and reminisce on your magical night.

4. Old pictures down the aisle



Print out a cute picture from different ages of your childhood for you and your man and put them in frames with a ribbon to hang on each chair going down the aisle. Take a step through each time and make the last step into the future with the love of your life. Parents really enjoy this idea and it’s fun to have pictures of you and your man from those times. 

5. Upside down wine glass centerpieces


Centerpieces can be really pricey! These cute ones are made from a simple wine glass that is placed upside down. All you have to do is add a flower underneath and a candle on top and vuala!



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