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Fall In Love: Autumn Wedding Trends

autumn love

That crispness in the air.  The appeal of cozying up next to a fireplace.  Bursts of oranges, reds, and yellows everywhere you look.  SURPRISE: FALL IS HERE! This season holds a special place in everyone’s heart and if you are lucky enough to be a bride celebrating your special day during this time, there are some popular and unique wedding trends to take note of.  We came up with three big themes for Fall weddings that include festive decor ideas, tips for unique menu options, and seasonal fashion styles!

1. Take A Breath of Fresh Air 

Get outside during these mild months! The phenomenal thing about Fall is the weather: when we’re past the blazing heat of summer and not yet to the frigid winter months.  The gorgeous colors outside, the crunch of falling leaves, and the smell of autumn air begs for a rustic or harvest outdoor wedding theme.

Photo Source: Hetler Photography
photo source: Hetler Photography

autumn6Incorporate seasonal decorations such as pumpkins, garland, wreathes, or pinecones as accents to your theme.  Long farm-style tables will match with an outdoor theme when decorated with lace or crocheted runners.


Photo Source: My Heart's Desire
photo source: My Heart’s Desire

If you’re really in the mood to be festive, hay bales along the aisle for the ceremony are an especially seasonal touch.  Or consider adding barley stalks or feathers as accents in a flower bouquet or centerpiece.



2. Embrace Seasonal Flavors

With the shift in seasons, so too is there a shift in flavors, styles, and trends.  Menu ideas for a wedding can include much more than the traditional steak and potatoes option common at many fall and winter weddings.  Since it’s a bit chillier, consider offering warm drinks at cocktail hour like bourbon apple cider or hot cocoa.  Other drink ideas could include pear margaritas, or pumpkin flavored craft beer that might be too heavy in hot summer months, but is the perfect thing to quench your thirst and warm you up in the Fall!


Soup ideas become popular during this time as it’s another great way to warm guests up throughout the evening.  Maybe consider shot glasses of different soups as an option during cocktail hour.  Or create a s’mores bar during the reception to get everyone close to a bonfire!  Flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, and ginger are not to be ignored during this season.

photo source: Jen + Ashley Photography
photo source: Jen + Ashley Photography


photo source: Gemmell Photography
photo source: Gemmell Photography

Channel the upcoming holiday season with festive menu options.  Ever consider a thanksgiving feast as the meal at your rehearsal dinner? Or maybe a buffet station that includes stuffing, turkey, and cranberry sauce?

photo source: Exclusively Weddings
photo source: Exclusively Weddings

3. Warm Up

There are many fun ways to keep everyone at a wedding cozy and warm.  Create a decorative station for blankets, quilts, or shawls at an outdoor ceremony so guests don’t get too chilly.


Coverlets and sleeves are a popular fashion trend for wedding dresses during this season.  Incorporating a lace sleeve matched with natural waves and a flower crown goes perfectly with a rustic wedding theme.

photo source: Alixann Loosel Photography
photo source: Something Blue Bridal Boutique

Create cozy seating ideas for guests with couches or easy chairs: they’re the perfect way to cuddle up and make new friends!  Utilize gorgeous fireplaces or create a bonfire as another way to bring guests close together.


autumn 16

Let us know what you think of these ideas! Have you seen any in action? Any suggestions of your own?


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